Theme prices increase

Let’s begin by stating that we are raising our pricing structure for themes. A sticky subject because most people don’t appreciate price increases–especially during these unstable times. In doing so, we believe that it will ultimately result in the best product for our users.

The new theme prices are still incredibly low when compared to our competition. Rough Pixels made sure that there is a price point for everyone!

Theme Prices with a Lower Cost Option

Even though we have increased our theme prices, there is one new level being introduced. A Personal Monthly subscription is now available for $7.99 per month! This one automatically renews each month until you decide to cancel. Perfect for anyone wanting to try out the theme without a higher-priced option. When purchasing a single theme, you can see your pricing options with the Alurra theme as an example: Theme Price Options

Of course, you can save up to 35% if you go a full year upfront for just $59–which incidentally is the same price as we previously had for a 1-year theme membership.

Lifetime and All Access Memberships

We also increased the prices for the Personal Lifetime plan and All Access, significantly. There was even the consideration to abolish the lifetime option. In some cases, offering lifetime unlimited support and updates are not sustainable. The lifetime plan has become the more popular choice with our customers. Because you pay once and that’s it, it becomes a cost-saver in the end.

To keep this popular choice, it must be priced high enough to be worthwhile. After thinking about it and looking to fellow colleagues in this industry, we decided to increase rather than eliminate it. You still get the pay-once-and-that’s-it option with a slight price increase.

Even at $129 for the Personal Lifetime plan, the typical lifespan for a website to use a theme is generally 3 years. Some people will change to a new theme after 3 years while others will go well beyond that. A $129-lifetime option over 3 years works out to be around $3.50 per month! The benefit is that you get priority support and regular theme updates for the time that you keep using the theme!

All Access

Our All Access theme membership is ideal for anyone that designs for clients. You get access to all existing and future theme releases during your active membership period. Considering that a designer can use any theme for their clients–getting support and theme updates for up to 50 websites, is a huge advantage!

Even at $279 per year, this offers significant savings for any web designer. Plus, the more themes that Rough Pixels adds, the less cost per theme is accumulated. At the moment, we have 12 themes. This means each one is around $23. During this year, we plan to create at least 8 more! That means each theme will drop to just over $13 each.

What About Current Members?

The Good News: With the new theme prices being implemented, this does not affect any of our current customers. If you’re a current customer of Rough Pixels and see a higher price when renewing, let us know and we will take care of it for you.

However, for those of you who haven’t signed up yet and want to get locked in at the current prices, now’s your chance.

Secret Savings

I will let you in on a little secret! If you download any of our free themes, you can save $10 off the premium version of that theme. The only caveat is that it does not get applied to the Personal Monthly subscription–which is only $7.99/month. However, if you are using the free Alurra theme, you can purchase the full year of Alurra Pro for just $49 ($59 – $10).

To take advantage of this, grab the theme’s discount code from the customizer’s upgrade tab for the theme. Note: This is a limited-time offer though!

Why Are We Raising Our Prices Now?

We are raising our prices to ensure sustainability and efficiency to keep developing themes, maintain updates to our growing portfolio of themes, and keep providing exceptional support!

In raising the price we will be improving the overall product-to-user experience. This means that all of our users will see quality products and services continue.

While the theme prices will be a little higher, I believe that the increase in value for all of our customers will greatly outweigh the price changes. Our goal is to create the best blogging themes while giving our customers the best possible value.

Save With the Lifetime and All Access

At the time of launching the new theme prices, we have added significant savings for new customers. Sign up for the Personal Lifetime or All Access, you can save $60 and $130 respectively. No discount code is needed because when you purchase either option, the checkout cart will automatically apply the discount.

This is a limited-time offer, so if you want to go with the Personal Lifetime (the most popular choice), you need to take advantage of it right now! That gives you a lifetime of priority support and theme updates!

If you design for clients, you can save $130 by signing-up right now!