Third-party themes for

Are you someone who uses and wish you could use third-party themes or plugins? If you are using the standalone version of WordPress from, you know this is easy. The good news is that now you can install third party themes and plugins on your site.

Third-Party Themes – There is a Catch!

For a very long time, restricted you from using themes and plugins from outside of their own products. As a result, customers would be frustrated. But with the announcement that can now install third-party themes and plugins are now possible. However, there is a caveat to this change-of-heart by them. To take advantage of this, you need to sign-up for the Business Plan (or above) at to get that option. At the time of writing this article, their price for the Business Plan is $25 USD ($33 CAD if you are Canadian like me).

Not Sure Where I’ve Been

I am sure there are many who are reading this article and thinking, “We already knew about this“. Fair enough, but I’m not sure where I’ve been because I didn’t find out about this until this year.

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However, the fact you can now use third-party themes and plugins in opens the door to more choices for their customers. To be honest, I have had many customers come to Rough Pixels to purchase a theme membership and then using it on their .com account at WordPress.

With the amount of confusion between the two WordPress options, this is obviously a smart move. Just unfortunate that you need at least the Business Plan for this capability.