I redesigned the Twenty Twenty theme

I just redesigned the Twenty Twenty theme, well, sort of, with a few of my own ideas. Of course, some credit should go to Anders Norén, because 2020 originally came from his Chaplin theme. The WordPress team then took it further, at which point it became the default theme for WordPress.

Anders creates great-looking themes, so it’s not surprising that on occasions, I have used them for inspiration. My Clarified theme is based on his theme called Hemingway. With over 20,000 active websites using Hemingway, you cannot deny that it’s obviously popular. My Clarified theme is starting to do very well too. But this article isn’t about Clarified, so let’s get into the remake of 2020 and give you a quick peek into what I’ve done–and will do.

Not too long ago, I first talked about Twenty Twenty and how it was going to be part of WordPress 5.3. Back then, I was actually considering doing a version of it but never got around to it…until now.

Twenty Twenty Theme – My Version

The Prologe theme came to mind late one night when I was setting up a local development site. The plan was to work on a few ideas for a new free theme from Rough Pixels. In doing so, I performed a clean installation of WordPress to begin work but as you know, the default theme is Twenty-Twenty. I didn’t plan this, but I was totally side-tracked with the default theme as I began to stare at it. Looking at the screen, I was thinking there must be something that I can do with this. The next thing I knew, I was opening up Photoshop and began to brainstorm a few creative ideas–up to 3 am!

Protoge is Like a New Twenty Twenty

As I mentioned, I have redesigned the Twenty Twenty theme with my own take of it. So, what things have I done to make it different from the original?

  • New Colour Scheme – When redesigning 2020, I decided it should also have a new default colour palette.
  • More Colour Flexibility – In addition to a new palette, my new theme will give you individual colour selectors for almost every element of your pages.
  • Page Templates – I created additional page templates, each with its own custom layout.
  • More Blog Layouts – You will now get 3 blog layouts.
  • Sidebars – I added more sidebar positions and replaced the footer sidebars with a dynamic width version.
  • Design Enhancements – I made a ton of design/visual enhancements while still keeping the base concept of Twenty Twenty.
  • Theme Options – Say goodbye to the original theme options; I recreated the theme options with more refinement.
  • Block Styles – I made changes and refinements to the existing block styles.
  • Pro Theme – Yes, I am now designing the premium version of Prologe and will go live by the end of this month of March.

I used the Twenty Twenty theme as a foundation to build. As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of enhancements.

I should also mention that Prologe is primarily geared to take advantage of the block editor. It’s still compatible with the classic editor, but to get certain page elements that you see on the demo site, you will need the block editor.

As for the premium version, you can expect more features to be added. Even the free one will get a few additional tweaks along the way! To stay up to date on Prologe, you may want to follow Rough Pixels on Twitter and also sign up to our newsletter.

Prologe Lite is Now Available!

As of March 15, 2020, we have officially released Prologe Lite, which is the free version. Download it for free and start trying it out!

You can check out the live demo to see how it looks!

Prologe – Our Premium Version is Now Available too!

We have just released the premium version of Prologe as well! More enhancements and more features will definitely give you an even better theme. Check out the live demo to see it in action! Also, if you are curious about how it compares to the Lite (free) version, you can see it on the Prologe Lite details page.