A new editor is coming that is called Gutenberg. This is a new content editor/builder that WordPress is going to implement into version 5 (arriving for 2019 is our estimate). 

Gutenberg editor plugin

Rough Pixels is developing all themes with full support of it, including styling for the default blocks.

There is too much to detail what Gutenberg is, so you can read more from the Gutenberg introduction at WordPress. Basically Gutenberg is a new editor that will replace the current classic editor that you are familiar with.

Classic Editor – Old

Classic editor

Gutenberg Editor – New

Gutenberg editor

The good news is that you can still use the classic editor if you don’t like Gutenberg. 


Love it or hate it–this will be part of WordPress version 5 as the default editor and the Classic editor will be no-more.

The main feature of this new editor is the use of “blocks” which are like predefined mini-templates that you can drop into your page. Things like headings, lists, spacers, images, quotes, and even columns. In fact, this tutorial page was created with Gutenberg running. Each piece of content incorporates heading blocks, paragraph blocks, and image blocks.

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