A big topic that we will give you the basics about the theme customizer. This is not a theme related feature; it’s a WordPress feature that the theme extends. 

By default, you will see the following tabbed sections with any WordPress installation:

wordpress customizer sections

The sections you see above will be the normal tabs with a fresh install of WordPress and will usually relate to the Twenty Seventeen theme. However, when using another theme, you will see a different set of sections that are “added” to the default sections. For example, if we have the Salal theme active, you will see this set:

Salal theme customizer

You can see a few extra sections added:

  • Theme Options – You will find more options and settings specific to the theme.
  • Page Background – If a theme supports this, you will see it.

Again, it depends on the theme you are using, but ultimately the customizer is where you can make a variety of changes. The bonus is that you can see the changes happen in a live preview window to the right side panel window.

WordPress customizer preview window

When using a theme, explore the customizer and see what options it offers. Again, this is going to depend on the theme.

Additional CSS

I will save this for another tutorial about customizing the theme on a deeper level, but let’s look at this very useful section.

The Additional CSS tab in the customizer lets you change the look of almost anything in your website by adding your own custom CSS code. This can be padding, margins, colours, fonts, and a lot more. It let’s you override most if not all of the styles that are built into the theme.

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