There are a few ways of getting a theme into your website:

  • Use the theme installer to search for the theme at
  • Use the theme installer to upload a downloaded theme zip file
  • Use an FTP program to upload an unzipped theme

How you upload a theme is up to you, but let’s go through the first two methods; the last one is a bit more involved and we will do a tutorial for that soon.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased the All Access or Designer membership, we have made changes to make downloading themes easier. We also made changes to license keys where before you would have to enter a unique key for each theme you use. Now, you just need to use the All Access or Designer license key (a single key for all theme activations).

If you run into any problems with the changes we’ve implemented, please contact us with your information.

Scroll down this page to All-Access License Keys for more info…

Method 1 – Use the Theme Installer to Search & Install

Go to Appearance > Themes

go to themes

At the top, click on the “Add New” button.

add new theme

You will see a search field off to the top right, type in the theme’s name. For example, if you don’t have Twenty Fifteen installed, let’s look for it by typing in: Twenty Fifteen.

Hover your mouse over the screenshot and you can then click on the “Install” button and then activate it.

Method 2 – Upload Your Theme

If you download your theme, you can use the theme installer found in your dashboard. The method is similar to the previous one above, but instead of searching the WordPress directory, we will be uploading the theme’s zip file.

Go to Appearance >> Themes >> click on Add New and then Upload Theme

upload theme

Once you’ve uploaded the theme file, you can activate it.

If You Got Your Free Theme From this Website

If you are getting your FREE theme direct from the Rough Pixels website, you can get your theme by logging into this website and going to Members >> Purchase History.

purchase download menu

You should be on the Purchase History page which displays all your purchases. Click on the View Details and Downloads link next to the purchase you want to access:

view downloads

All your accessible purchases will show on the next page, each with a button to click and download your file:

download button

Once downloaded, you can use the theme installer method to install your theme.

For Pro Themes

Getting your premium (pro) theme will be similar to the above, except there is a couple more things you need to do. You will first go to the “View Details and Downloads” link, then you can click on the button to download the theme.

view downloads download button

Adding Your License Key

Once you add your website in your members area, this should automatically activate your license key on our end in our system. 

However, to add your key, go to the theme license page by going to >> Appearance >> Theme License

Then you will end up here:

Enter in your license key and click the “Activate License” button, followed by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

add license keyYou will see the License is Inactive message, so now you will need to click the button “Activate License“.

Add license key 2After doing this, you should now see the message “License key is active….” followed by how many websites you have left that you can activate with this same key.

add license key 3

NOTE: If for some reason you get an error or Invalid or unknown License Key message, please let us know with your username and request we confirm your key is active.

Add Your Website for Registration

You will need to add your website for update registration. For our premium themes, you need a license key to take advantage of theme update notices and 1-click updates.

When you log into the Rough Pixels website and go to Purchase History under the Members menu link, go strait to  “Manage Websites“:

You should see something like this:

add website

Now you need to add your website address (the full URL) where you are installing this theme. Enter it into the field you see just above the “Add Site” button. Once done, click the button. You may need to refresh your browser.

NOTE: After adding your website, if it does not show in the field, refresh your browser window.

All-Access License Keys

This is a new change for the full memberships we offer at Rough Pixels. When you purchase the All-Access or the Designer membership, you now only need to enter in one license key. Before, you had to enter a unique key per theme used, but now we made it easier.

When you go to your Purchase History, you should see something similar to this:

All Access purchase

You should also see something like this just below that table:

All Access purchase history

You can access your theme downloads either from clicking on “View Details and Downloads” or in the other table, clicking on “Purchase ##” which would be your purchase ID. Once you do this, then you should see this:

All access download themes

Clicking on the “Click here to use your All-Access Pass” link will bring you to the downloads page. You will see all the themes in a grid layout:

EDD Download item page

Click on the Read More button to bring you to the actual download page:

EDD download now button

For the time being, it takes a couple of pages to navigate to the download button, but we are going to restructure how this is done later.

License Key

For the All-Access and Designer memberships, you should only have to enter your license key and not add a website to your “Manage Sites” section in your Purchase History. However, after entering your license key, check your Manage Sites and see if was automatically added; if not, enter your website where this key is being activated on.

The License Key gives you theme update notices and 1-click updating. It also manages your membership time period as well.


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