An introduction to Alurra

First, thank you for having an interest in the Alurra theme!

Alurra was designed for personal bloggers. Although you can still use it for a more robust editorial-based blogging website by using blocks, you still have a lot of flexibility.

Alurra – A New Direction

This is the first step into a new way of developing themes compared to how we’ve been doing it for the last 10+ years. Two versions of each theme were created, one free and one premium (pro). You would normally have tried out the free one, only to later upgrade to the premium version. By doing this, you had to activate the pro theme as a new theme activation–therefore, possibly losing some configurations.

Alurra Pro Version Will Be a Plugin

Beginning with Alurra, the premium version will no longer be a full theme, but rather it will be a plugin. This means that you can keep your free theme active all the time where the plugin will contain all the premium options.

NOTE: We are planning to release the Pro version by October 18, 2021 (next week!).

If you haven’t done so already, you can now download (zip file) the free version of Alurra.