Site Title Font and Size

This theme comes with a default font (from Google Fonts) called Playfair Display. Not everyone may like this style of font, so Alurra includes the option to change it.

Site Title Font and Size

We kept the site title font setting separate from the Typography tab of the customizer.

If you are not using a logo, then you can change your site title’s font and “some” attributes, which depends on the font you choose.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity
  2. Look for the font settings and then make your changes.
  3. Click Publish at the top when done.
screenshot for the Alurra site title font settings

Basic Header Site Title Size

Alurra site title font size is set for the header styles that are using a custom header image or cover image. For the Basic header style (no images), the site title font size is too large, so we’ve introduced a second size setting.

screenshot for the Alurra basic header style site title setting

While on the Site Identity customizer tab, look for the above setting and make your adjustment. When done, click on the Publish button.