Front Page Featured Post

When viewing the demo site for Amble, you will see a featured post displayed at the top banner area. Normally themes will use a slider option, but we decided to make this less resource-intensive by letting you choose “any” blog post as your featured post.

screenshot of the front page featured post for Amble

This is how you can set up your featured post:

screenshot to add the front page featured post tag
  1. Navigate to the Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Basic Settings.
  2. Look for the Front Page Featured Post Tag setting and type in Featured
  3. Look for the Front Page Featured Excerpt Size setting and change it to your preference.
  4. Click the Publish button.

The only caveat is that this shows the latest post that is tagged with “featured“, so if you want to use an older post, you will need to delete the tag from the existing post that is being displayed. If you are always featuring the latest post, then you don’t have to delete the tag from older posts, only if you use a post from a previous date.

NOTE: We plan on performing a major update to this theme which will make this feature easier to use. The method will more likely change as well.