An introduction to Serifi

First, thank you for having an interest in our Serifi theme!

Serifi is a theme that was designed based on our most popular Storytime Pro theme. Perfect for writers and authors that love to write amazing stories, this theme is also suited for bloggers too!

Serifi – Continuing with a New Direction

This began with our last theme Alurra where the pro version is now a plugin. This makes things much easier for the end-user. You no longer need to install another theme–this one you simply install a plugin that automatically upgrades your free version.

Serifi – Free

Rough Pixels has a history of designing robust free themes that don’t completely limit your creativity when it comes to making a blog. Many users will find the free version of Serifi enough for typical blogging. However, should you want more features, the premium (pro) version is available!

NOTE: If there is something that is not found within our tutorials for either the free or pro version, please let us know and we will create one.