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Having details on theme version in the members area

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    As I check my member account, I notice that it does only show available themes, but does not provide the version (unless I have not noticed it somewhere). It would be a good idea to have the current theme version mentioned next to the theme, don’t you think so? This would help a customer to make sure that he has the current, up-to-date version, if need there is.



    Greetings… very late on this reply as for some crazy reason, I did not get notified of this posting. Still working out the kinks since moving the site back onto WordPress.

    Anyway, you have a good point. I will have to look into how the latest version can be displayed. Because I am using the Easy Digital Downloads with their Software Licensing addon, I don’t think it has anything for this, but I will follow up with them and perhaps they have a suggestion (or maybe even add this capability to a future plugin update).

    On the Joomla site version I had Rough Pixels on, this was actually possible; in fact it was possible to show a versioning list of the theme. This allowed the customer to download the version they wanted, or even revert back to.

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