It’s that time of year when huge discounts arrive with the 2019 WordPress Black Friday deals that you will see with many websites. Not only is it Black Friday, but it also stretches into Cyber Monday too!

2019 WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday

IMPORTANT: This offer ends on December 3, 2019, which is just 2 days as of this update! The chances of another deal like this probably won’t happen until later in 2020!

Everyone is looking for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for WordPress Plugins and themes. The reason is simple…to save some extra money. It’s perfect for individuals and even web designers/developers who need a great selection of themes for their clients.

Rough Pixels is dedicated every year to give you HUGE discounts on every product offered. In fact, you will get 50% off any new purchase you make. Choose a single WordPress theme or opt-in for the All Access or Designer theme membership!

The previous year, we had huge success where most took advantage of getting our All Access and Designer memberships with a 50% savings! We do not offer this big of a discount too often, in fact, this could be the last offer of this size until next year!

This year, we are ready to go with the 2019 WordPress Black Friday offer! Starting November 26, 2019, you can save 50% on any new purchase you make.

How to Get Your 50% Discount?

Just like last year, simply add any single theme, the All Access (1 year),  or the Designer membership (2 years) to the checkout, and then enter in the following Discount Code:


After you enter that code, you should see your checkout cart with the applied 50% discount.

How Many WordPress Themes?

We have more themes coming and in the new year (2020), we will be adding at least 15 more themes! With that in mind, this would be a great opportunity for you to sign up for either the All Access or the Designer membership because you get ALL themes, both current and future new theme releases.

Don’t Lose these Huge Savings

Once November 26 arrives, I recommend you take full advantage of the 2019 WordPress Black Friday deal we are offering. At 50% savings, it’s one of the biggest compared to most other sites.

A friendly reminder that this offer is valid only from November 26th to December 3, 2019.

If you know someone who might benefit from our Black Friday deal, please spread the word and let them know!

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