For the longest time, we’ve been using a particular plugin from one popular source. This has given us the ability, much like many other theme and plugin shops, to manage how you get a theme. Recent changes related to this plugin and to its add-ons have prompted us to make a very difficult decision–which we’ve been going back and forth for the past month. Unfortunately, the solution at the time was to change to a full membership concept. However, we have decided today that this is not ideal for everyone. We wanted to make sure you still have the option to download a single theme or to opt-in for access to all themes, but to try and maintain 1-click updates.

Several of our fellow (well known) colleagues in the business have changed to this new system and Rough Pixels will also follow suit. We will be exploring the best way to make these changes to ensure that you will be looked after during this process as to not affect your current/previous purchases.

Once we have everything planned out, we will write a follow-up post in our blog detailing what is changing and how it affects you (no additional costs to you, of course). We will try to have everything set up and in place by the end of this month (December 31, 2021).