Do you have another WordPress Admin User account? If not, have you ever found yourself suddenly locked out of your website? Perhaps you kept trying to log in and your security plugin blocks you because it thinks you are a bad person trying to gain access? Let me explain why this is so important!

You Need to Create Another Admin User Account

I’ve introduced you with a couple of examples of not being able to log into your WordPress website. Unfortunately, there are many more reasons why you are unable to log in. Because of this, I will give you a quick look at the importance of having a second user account.

The main reason why you need another user account with administrative access is so that you can log into your site if your primary user account is somehow locking you out. This can be for a multitude of reasons, but let’s focus on simply getting you set up with another login.

One very important piece of advice I can add to this article is to add your second WordPress admin user account right now! I would hate to hear that you read this article and before you decided to make a new account, you find yourself unable to log into your website. Even though this is not the end of the world, the method to regain access requires you to log into your database! If you have never done that before, then you can say YIKES!

The Database can be a Scary Place!

If you ever find yourself unable to log into your website, the only way to get back in is to access your database. For some people, this might be another day on the job, but for others, it can be scary! I remember when I first went into my database, I was afraid to click on anything, including logging out.

If you are someone who has never ventured into your site’s database, I wouldn’t recommend doing it. Find someone who is familiar with this kind of thing, but make sure it’s someone you TRUST! The database is where everything about you, your website, and registered user accounts are kept (if any).

I won’t go into the specifics of how you can regain access or reset your password from the database, so I will keep that for another article.

Long story short and to avoid having to go into your database, setting up another WordPress admin user account is the best way.

How to Create a Second Administrator’s Account

Generally, this is the same process as if you were simply adding a user to your website, whether it’s for an editor, author, or other. Current WordPress user roles can be found with the following links, but outlines what they are below:

In our case, you will be setting up a user account with the role of “Administrator“. Of course, you will want to make sure you are the administrator or your website before you do this.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website’s dashboard.

    From here, you are now ready to head over to the Users.

  2. On the left side column, click on the Users menu item.
    WordPress add new user link

    You will want to then click on the Add New link.

  3. Fill Out the Required Fields.


    WordPress add user role

    Fill out the fields that apply to you, but make sure for the “Role” setting, you select “Administrator.

  4. Click “Add New User”.


    At the bottom of the form, click the “Add New User” button. Because this is for you, there is no need to send yourself your new user account information.

Once you’ve done the setup for a new WordPress admin user account, try logging in with it to make sure you can log in. There is no sense in making a second account if you cannot log in, right?

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