Changes and Ideas for Rough Pixels

It’s hard to believe this year is going by so fast, and 2020 is just around the corner, so it’s time for changes. But, I can definitely say that I did not get everything done that I wanted to. So let me write this short article about what you can expect from Rough Pixels. I will outline the next 4 months and then what is being planned for 2020.

Changes You Will See Before 2020

Because Rough Pixels is still considered to be a fairly new website, changes still happen time-to-time. You also get to see how things are improved, or at least, hopefully! However, let’s look at what you can expect for the next 4 months.

  1. More Themes – Starting with the next new theme we are about to release, called Biggy, expect at least 5 more themes to be released. If I plan it right, I should be able to release a new theme every 3 weeks.
  2. Affiliate Program – I just re-launched our Rough Pixels WordPress Theme Affiliate Program the other day. Most theme sites have an affiliate program, so it only makes sense to give you an opportunity to make some money as an affiliate partner to Rough Pixels.
  3. Better Support System – When Rough Pixels started, the only support method available was the bbPress forum plugin. However, bbPress needs a serious overhaul and to bring it up-to-date with more and better features. bbPress was removed and I beta-tested KB Support, a ticket system, which I have been running for just over a month. It’s not perfect, but I will probably keep it until I establish a better support system. I might keep it while adding another forum concept; not bbPress.
  4. New Website Design – It was earlier in the year when I redesigned Rough Pixels. However, a new design concept is in the works. You will see a newly redesigned website coming later this year, just on time for 2020. The documentation section of this website is also going to get a major overhaul to make it better. Now that I am adding free themes to the portfolio, I need to have a separate section for setup documentation.

Changes You Will See in 2020

There are many things to get done before this year ends. The list of items you see above is just the beginning, but they are time-consuming. Now let’s look at what is planned (tentatively) in the new year.

  1. ClassPress Themes – If you are unaware of a new content management system (CMS) called ClassicPress, you may want to pay close attention. ClassicPress is built off of WordPress. The big difference is that you will never see anything associated with Gutenberg and the block editor that WordPress is now pushing. There are a LOT of people who are not fans of the block editor, so ClassicPress is an alternative. Even though I make themes here at Rough Pixels, compatible with both WordPress and ClassicPress, I will start to add themes designed specifically for ClassicPress.
  2. More WordPress Themes – Having a website like this means you should expect to see themes for WordPress. If I can build and release a theme every 3 weeks, in theory, you will have up 17 WordPress themes added by the end of the year.
  3. More Blogging – You might have noticed that I’ve recently been adding articles to the blog. This is an area that has lacked inconsistency, so the plan is to keep writing to the blog every week.

Changes That Might Come to Fruition

You might call me crazy, but there is a possibility that I will be starting another theme site. Actually, calling it a theme site is inaccurate because I would call it a “template site”.

Rough Pixels is focused around WordPress, but I am giving serious consideration to getting back to designing Joomla templates. I’ve done it before, and with Joomla 4 coming out soon, I’ve once again got the Joomla enticement! Believe it or not, I have like 12+ years of experience with Joomla, more than I have with WordPress.

With the direction that WordPress is going, and ClassicPress is still growing, there will be 1000’s, if not millions of people who may seek out an alternative. if these people do not move towards ClassicPress, Joomla is another alternative.

If I do this, it means running two websites, Rough Pixels for WordPress (and ClassicPress), and then #### for Joomla templates. Noticed I did #### to hide the proposed domain name? I already have the domain for it 🙂

Do You Have Suggestions?

There are many changes to happen between now and then into next year. While writing this article, I remembered that Rough Pixels is for you! Why is this important to mention?

[bctt tweet=”What suggestions would you add or change to Rough Pixels and WordPress theme design as we get ready for the year 2020? ” username=”roughpixels”]

Here is your chance to take part in the changes by helping to give your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions, and recommendations. Whether it’s for the site design and layout, theme-related, services we have or that we should add, or anything else that makes the site better for you, then feel free to comment below.

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