Themes and Changes

Themes and changes are really a common occurrence with many sites. Rough Pixels is not much different from most theme shops that you find online. With that being said, I thought I would give you a much-needed update on where things are with us.

Themes and Changes are Coming!

I should begin by apologizing to everyone for the lack of movement on theme development and writing to the blog.

Theme development has been slow since the start of 2021 despite the fact that I began creating a new WordPress theme. In addition to this, a new FREE WordPress theme called Empt Lite was successfully released! What makes this even better, it was featured in a full article written by Justin Tadlock at WPTavern, titled “Rough Pixels Releases Empt Lite, a Block-Supported Freemium WordPress Theme“.

I’m here to tell you that I’m about to embark on an aggressive boost with the Rough Pixels website. Here are a few important elements:

  • Creating several new themes in the next few months—at least 1 per month!
  • More Blogging!
  • Themes will start to include Block Patterns.
  • ClassicPress themes will begin to show up for downloading.

ClassicPress Themes

In the list above, you might have noticed ClassicPress will begin showing up for downloading. With the continuous progression of WordPress and its plans for Full Site Editing, our themes will be changing.

Basically, our themes have been compatible with all flavors that include WordPress Classic Editor, WordPress Block Editor, and ClassicPress. We talked about ClassicPress being an alternative for anyone not wanting anything to do with the block editor…this is still an option.

However, with the direction where WordPress is going, combining ClassicPress compatibility is going to become difficult to manage. My plan is to begin developing standalone themes for ClassicPress—no block editor!

The Rough Pixels Website Getting Some Tweaks

Compared to what the Rough Pixels website was like before, 2021 saw a complete redesign of the site! Although the new design looks amazing (subjective of course), there are still a few tweaks and other adjustments to perform. 2021 provided us with a good starting point, but there are definitely more things to fine-tune.

Always Room for Improvements

If you have any recommendations on what to change, add, or even remove, you are more than welcome to comment below. We can add it to our themes and changes list of to-dos!

I would even be interested to hear what you would like to see for future theme design, whether for WordPress or even ClassicPress!

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