Rough Pixels Brand Assets

These are the official branding assets for Rough Pixels. Please be aware of our usage guidelines:

  • Use our graphics to promote Rough Pixels or as an affiliate
  • Use our graphics in blog posts and any other form of media when promoting or talking about Rough Pixels.
  • Resizing is allowed unless it distorts the graphic(s)
  • Text-based linking is allowed. Use anchor text that includes “Rough Pixels”, “WordPress Themes”, etc.
  • If you need something specific that is not in our list of assets, you are welcome to make a “request” by contacting us.
  • Do not modify our logos or colours with the exception of resizing that does not distort the graphics.
  • Do not use our logos as your own or for your own branding purposes.
  • Do not use our graphics in a way that might confuse your visitors into thinking your company, products, or services are part of Rough Pixels.

All our assets are PNG file formats, including transparent background graphics. You can directly download the complete package (zip file) here:

Branding Colours

RP logo with transparent background
Transparent 600×600
RP logo with blue background
Blue 600×600
RP logo with torquois background
Turquois 600×600
RP logo with dark background
Dark 600×600
RP logo with green background
Green 600×600
RP logo with transparent background
Vertical 600×600
RP logo banner with transparent background
Transparent Banner 800×168
RP logo banner with turquois background
Turquois Banner 800×168
RP logo banner with green background
Green Banner 800×168
RP logo banner with blue background
Blue Banner 800×168
RP logo banner with dark background
Dark Banner 800×168