When you visit the demo site for this theme, you will notice a nice banner image on the front page; including a call-to-action.

This is optional, of course, but this gives your site some extra visual impact when someone visits. In addition to displaying an amazing photo, you can use it as a Call-to-Action (title, intro, and even a button).

For this feature, we used the WordPress Custom Header Image for this. All we did then was to add some customizer options to create the call-to-action group, which I will take you through that below…

  1. Go to Appearance >> Header (or) you can go to Appearance >> Customize >> Header Image
  2. From here, you can upload a photo at which point you can crop it to 1600x650 pixels
    Clarified front page banner example
  3. If you want to take advantage of the Randomize feature, you can upload additional banner photos and then click on the “Randomize uploaded headers” button. This will rotate your images when refreshing the front page or each time someone visits.
    Clarified Randomize the header images
  4. Click “Publish” at the top.

Adding a Call-To-Action

This is optional, but you can add a call-to-action to your WP custom header image. We’ve categorized the option settings under the label options tab as “Hero Text Settings“.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Label Options
  2. Add your title, intro, and if you want a button, add a full URL and then your button label
    Clarified hero settings
  3. Click “Publish” at the top.

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