When you create galleries with the WordPress Gallery Shortcode, you are limited with viewing capability. With older themes, we sent you to an image (attachment) page with a viewer, but it just wasn’t as pleasant as we had hoped for.

We decided to implement a lightbox (the ColorBox lightbox script) into this theme which now displays your gallery images in a popup overlay viewer.

Sample Gallery Page

empt gallery 1

If your images have colour, the gallery will display them as Black & White. However, they have a hover effect which shows the colour thumbnail version.

empt gallery 2


empt gallery popup

This is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you decide to use the WordPress Gallery shortcode. One added bonus is that we made this compatible with the Gutenberg block editor’s own gallery block.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Other Settings

Look for the “Enable the Gallery Lightbox” setting and click the toggle to enable the lightbox.

empt gallery lightbox setting

Click the “Publish” button.

Make Your Gallery Open in the Lightbox

Once you make your gallery, you will want to link your thumbnails to the “Media” option in the gallery settings. This will enable the lightbox when someone clicks on a thumbnail.

IMPORTANT: This lightbox only works with the WordPress Gallery Shortcode, not the Block Gallery.