Thank you for purchasing this theme. The tutorials we’ve set up for you consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up theme starting from a fresh install of WordPress.

NOTE: We will be creating additional setup tutorials for this theme in the next 24 hours.

Setup Tutorials

We split our tutorials into two sections of this site.

The first is for Common Setup Tutorials which are the basics for each theme we offer.


The second section is specific to this theme (where you are now). You can also find tutorials under the Support menu link for “Set up Themes“.

For theme specific tutorials:


If You Need Theme Support

If you need support for this theme, the best way is to log into Rough Pixels and then under the Support menu link, you can then submit a support ticket. We will get a notification when you post, at which point we will be happy to help you out.

First Thing You Need to Do

We recommend that before proceeding with setting up your theme, to make sure you’ve followed the steps to add a license key and adding your website. You can find that information HERE.

This will give you theme update notices and 1-click updating.