This theme supports custom navigation menus that you can insert into several predefined menu locations that are coded in this theme.

  1. Sidebar Menu — This is the main menu of the theme and is found in the sidebar column. This is a toggle menu which means when you have submenu links on a particular menu item (link), it drops down a hidden group of additional links.
  2. Top Menu — This is a secondary menu that is found at the top of your main content column and functions as a traditional menu, including submenus that are found by hovering your mouse cursor over the parent menu link. **This menu is coming in a future update.
  3. Footer Menu — This is a menu located in the footer area of your main content column.
  4. Sidebar Social Links — This is found in your sidebar column, just below the site title and description. This is a special menu which is used only for social profile links because it uses icons.
  5. Footer Social links — This is found in your main content column and within the footer area. Just like the Sidebar Social Links menu, this one is also styled for icons only.
  6. Splash Menu — This is a special menu that is used only for the splash template page. Although you can add more than one link, its purpose is really to add a single menu link (with a button style) to your splash page.

Creating Your Menus

Setting up any of the above menus are created using the standard WordPress method.

The Sidebar Menu is a Toggle Menu

The sidebar is a toggle concept, which means when you click on a menu link that has a submenu (displayed with a down angle icon), it will show the submenu. Clicking on the menu link again will close it.

By default, the menu is hidden, so you will need to click on the toggle icon at the top of the sidebar area. Clicking the icon again will hide the sidebar menu:

toggle icon

Once the menu is open, you can navigate through your website:

Toggled menu


IMPORTANT — When creating submenus, we recommend should not link to anything. Instead, create a blank menu link by adding a # symbol in the link field as a custom menu link. Then you can add your submenu items to this in the WordPress menu manager. If you link the parent menu item, it won’t function other than simply to act as a “toggle“.