You can customize your default WordPress login page with a nice feature included with this theme that lets you add a nice photo or graphic. Here is an example:

definite login page

Adding Your Own Logo

You can add a logo 450×300 pixels that sits just above the login form. This is a preset dimension, so I recommend uploading your image with the size mentioned.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Basic Settings

Look for the Login Page Logo setting and click on the Select Image button.

login photo upload


After uploading, you should see your image there and then when you log out or log into your site, you will see it.

definite login image

Nice little feature when you log out, you get notification just below the logo:

definite logged out

Changing the Page Background

Not only can you change the logo, you can also change the page background. This is done from the default WordPress Background (page background) feature. This is done by uploading an image, just like we do with the logo or other types of image uploading.

Go to Appearance >> Background

Click on the Select Image button and upload your image that you want to use for the background.  By default, this theme just has a background colour without an image, so you can use either setting.

wp background settings

This can be a photo or graphic illustration. You can also set whether it will repeat in the page, among other settings that are shown for you.

If you decide to use a transparent background image, whatever colour you set will show through.

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