With Salal Pro, you get the ability to add a featured image. You also get the option to add a page excerpt to provide your readers with a quick introduction. Normally this is not available in WordPress by default, so we enabled this feature for you.

How the featured image works for pages is that it gets added and is made to fit the width of your browser window. As you increase your window, so does the image. Please note that by default, part of your image may get cropped (hidden) behind the header and the main content area, but it still exists behind it. If you want more to show, post your request in to the support forum here at Rough Pixels.

Create a Page 

This is a very easy thing…create a page, or if you have one made already, open it up in the editor. Now you can add a featured image from the Featured Image setting.

I would recommend using an image that is decent size and quality because if you upload a small photo, it’s going to get enlarged which then loses quality and will get too blurry.

Adding an Excerpt

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can add an excerpt to your page. This is done from the page being open in the editor. If you are using the Classic editor, but you don’t see the “Excerpt“field below the editor, go to the top right and click on “Screen Options” and check the box next to Excerpts.

Once done, you should now see an Excerpt field just below your editor. 

Type in your excerpt and then publish or update your page. This will show as an overlay on top of your featured image, along with the title of your page.

Adding an Excerpt with Gutenberg

If you are using Gutenberg, adding an excerpt is slightly different as the setting for this in found in the right side column under the Document tab.

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