Salal is a theme designed mostly for magazine blogging concepts, but can also be used for other types of websites. Content is what counts, so whatever you put into your website, that will be the important factor.

There are two versions of Salal, a Free and Premium version. Although the free version offers several features and options, the premium version offers a lot more. You can compare the list of features for both on the Salal theme page. 

Setup Tutorials

We split our tutorials into two sections of this site.

The first is for Common Setup Tutorials which are the basics that each theme we offer has.

The second section is specific to the Salal theme.

Free Theme Support

If you need support for the free version, the best way is to use the theme’s support forum at because we do not provide support through our Contact form. When you post in the forum there, we get a notification, so we will be able to reply back as soon as we can. 

When you go to the Salal theme info page at the website, you can find the forum in the right side column:

free theme support forum

Premium Support – If You Need Theme Support

If you need support for this theme, the best way is to log into Rough Pixels and then under the Support menu link, you can then submit a support ticket. We will get a notification when you post, at which point we will be happy to help you out.

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