We have a tutorial in the Common Setup Tutorials about cropped images, so we will add a little bit here as it’s specific to the Salal theme. When you select the blog layout you want, you have the option to let the theme crop your images. If you want a consistent look for your blog where all featured images are the same size, this setting is for you.

Set Your Cropped Size

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Thumbnail Settings

Look for the “Crop Blog Featured Images” setting and check the box next to the one you want. For the Premium version of Salal, you will see additional options here. 

cropped image settings

Although the screenshot shows all boxes checked, we recommend choosing just one. However, if you are changing the layout of your blog often, you may want to enable them all–or at least the ones you plan on using.

Remember that when cropped images are set, and the Media settings in your WordPress are also set with dimensions, every image you upload will have a thumbnail created.

Click “Save & Publish” when done.

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