With Salal, you get up to 9 blog layout styles, or 12 for the Premium version.

Blog Styles 1 (free)

blog layouts

Blog Styles 2 (free)

blog layouts

Blog Styles 3 (free)

blog layouts

Blog Styles 4 (Pro)

Select Your Blog Style

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Blog Settings

Look for the Blog Layout setting and choose your layout style. You get 3 options for the free version of Salal, and 5 for the premium. 

blog layout setting

Set Your Sidebar Position

Setting your sidebar choice will give you the additional layouts with either a left, right, or no sidebar option.

blog sidebar position

Use Excerpts

You can choose to use excerpts for your blog post summaries, either defined by WordPress or from your own custom excerpts. Salal also gives you another setting to customize the excerpt length– the number of words to display.

blog excerpt setting

To change the size of your excerpt, enter the number of words you want to show.

excerpt size

Customize Your Read More Link

You can change the label used for the post summary. By default it displays “Continue Reading“.

If you are still in your blog setting options, look for the Continue Reading setting and type your new label.

blog read more setting

Click “Save & Publish“.

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