With the Salal theme, you get several sidebars included. These help add more layout and content capabilities for your web pages, but will also depend on what widgets you add to them.

The free version of Salal includes 10 sidebar positions. You can view the DEMO for sidebars.

sidebar positions

The premium version of Salal includes at least 16 positions. You can view the DEMO for sidebars.

With our sidebars, you get dynamic widths for select sidebar groups. For example, the Bottom 1, 2, 3, and 4 positions are dynamic.

  • This means that if you only have 1 widget published, it will stretch 100% across the sidebar area
  • If you have 2 published, each one will dynamically adjust to 50% each.
  • Likewise, if you put 3, they will be 33.333% in width.
  • Add 4, and you get each one at 25% in width.

Show Widgets on Select Pages

Unfortunately WordPress does not have the ability to show widgets on select pages. In fact, WordPress widget management is pretty pathetic. This means you have to use third party plugins.

If you use Jetpack, you can use their “Widget Visibility” module, but if you don’t use Jetpack, I can only recommend one plugin that I use for the Rough Pixels website and the theme demos.

Widget Options is a plugin that offers more featured than you really need, but it gives you a lot of flexibility.

widget options plugin

It comes in a free and paid version, but for most people, you will only need the free one. It also has a couple features that even the Jetpack option does not have:

  • Hide Widget Titles – There are times you might want to hide the widget title on the front of your site.
  • Adding a Class to a Widget – If you create a CSS class with a custom style, you can assign it to a widget.

Basically it lets you publish widgets in your website based on the settings you set for each widget.

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