WordPress gives you a default widget for Images:

wp image widget

This is great when you want to display images in sidebars, but it lacks some important customization features. This theme gives you some flexibility when using the image widget, so let me show you what we did…

Front Page Banner Sidebar

In the live demo, you will see a big image with a title and a sub-heading above it:

seasoning banner image widget

What is special about this, is that when you use the image widget in the “Banner” sidebar position and add a widget title with an image caption, you get the layout you see in the screenshot above. You can see it in action on the DEMO site.

The caveat is that this style and layout is applied only if you publish the widget to the Banner sidebar.

Adding Image Widget Classes

Normally the default style for an image widget is to show the caption below the image, but this theme gives you the option to add a widget class. However, to take advantage of this, you will need a plugin to add classes to widgets. There are only a couple plugins that do this efficiently:

  1. Widget Options – which the demo for this theme uses
  2. Widget CSS Classes

Although these are considered optional in this theme, either one will be required to add a class to a widget. Unfortunately, WordPress refuses to make this feature built-in.

If you decide to use the classes option, here is the one additional style you get where adding the class promo to the class field puts the caption on top of the image instead of the default bottom area (right side screenshot).

seasoning promo image class

If you are using the “Widget Options” plugin, the class field will look like this–we added the promo class to it:

seasoning image widget class field

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