The Storytime theme comes with the option to automatically crop images upon uploading any image. Normally this is more for your blog posts as it relates to the featured image, but these also include thumbnails for a few other elements.

  1.  Crop images for the recent posts thumbnails. 90×120 pixels
  2. Crop images for the related post thumbnails. 400×230 pixels
  3. Crop featured images for the large blog Layout 960×575 pixels
  4. Crop featured images for the List Blog Layout 470×570 pixels
  5. Crop featured images for the Grid Blog Layout 485×580 pixels
  6. Custom crop option (NEW) which lets you add your own custom thumbnail size

The idea behind the implementation of thumbnail options is to give you the choice of having images cropped for each of the specific needs listed above. This feature gives you a consistent look to your pages when all your images are the same size.


The caveat to this is that when you enable the thumbnail cropping, a copy of that size will be generated for every image you upload whether you need it or not. Also, cropping does NOT resize smaller images to be larger; it crops from the original larger version that you upload.

Set Your Thumbnail Cropping

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration area.
  2. Go to the Appearance > Customize >> Theme Options
  3. Open the Thumbnail Options tab.
  4. Check the boxes next to each of the thumbnail settings that you want a cropped version of each image you upload to be made.
  5. Click the Publish button.

Re-Generating Thumbnails

If you decide to change your blog layout, where it uses a different thumbnail size, make sure you install a plugin called “Regenerate Thumbnails” so that you can literally regenerate your images to the new sizing parameters.

UPDATE – Added Custom Sizing

For the Storytime Pro version, we added a new option to your thumbnail cropping by adding a field for width and height. IF any of the preset crop sizes do not work for you, set your own dimensions, like this example:

Storytime custom thumbnail size setting

When using this option, it’s important to uncheck the preset crop choices for whichever blog style you are using. Leaving it checked will have priority over your custom sizing. For example, if you had the Grid thumbnail crop setting checked, uncheck it, then do your custom size.

Also, this custom size is only for the blog post summaries and can be used for any of the blog styles, with exception to the default blog style.

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