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Personal Theme

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Perfect if you just want to make it simple.

  • 1 Theme of Choice
  • Forum Support
  • 1 Year of Theme Updates
  • Lifetime Usage
  • 1 Website License

Personal Lifetime

Black Friday Offer - Save 50% with discount code: RPBFRIDAY
Pay once and you are set for the lifetime of updates and support!

  • 1 Theme of Choice
  • Pay Once and That Is It!
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Theme Updates
  • Lifetime Usage
  • 5 Website License

All Access

Black Friday Offer - Save 50% with discount code: RPBFRIDAY
Perfect for web designers or anyone wanting to get ALL themes!

  • Best for Web Site Designers
  • Access all Current Themes
  • Access Future New Theme Releases
  • VIP Support
  • 1 Year of Theme Updates
  • Lifetime Usage
  • No Auto Renewal
  • 50 Website License

* Limited Time Offer with Special introductory pricing, all renewals are at full price.
All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time without renewing.
**During our promotions, all discounts are applied automatically at the checkout.
When promotions end, no discounts are applied. The price in the checkout overview will be the valid and current price.


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we will be happy to refund your full payment. No Questions Asked!

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Theme and Membership FAQ’s

How many themes will be released each year?

We don’t have a set schedule for releasing new themes, so we are focusing on the quality instead of how many themes can we pump out every month! We believe in quality over quantity while improving our existing themes as well.

Do you offer a Lifetime Theme Membership?

Currently, the only one we offer is the Personal Lifetime membership which gives you lifetime support and theme updates. If you have a standard Personal theme subscription and want lifetime support, you can upgrade your license.

What does Lifetime mean?

Lifetime means the life of the theme, the Rough Pixels website, and/or up-to-the-time you decide to no longer use our themes.

What does Website (Domain) License mean?

Website License means that you can assign a license key to the specified number of domains (websites) that come with your purchase. You can install your theme on as many websites as you want, but only the activated domains will receive updates and support. You can view the price tables above to see how many activations you need; if you need more, contact us.

Can you install the theme for me?

I am making this service available for a service fee. This will include installing the theme and any relevant plugins, plus any relevant settings for the theme. However, this does not include the setup of third-party products or theme customization. Please contact me for additional information.

Can I Upgrade my theme or membership?

Yes, you can upgrade from a single theme purchase to either the All Access or Designer membership. The upgrade price will be prorated, so whatever the difference is from what you originally paid to what you are upgrading to will be the adjusted price. Example: If you purchased an item for $50 and want to upgrade to a membership that is $100, then you only pay $50.

Are renewals automatic, or can I choose to renew?

We do not automatically renew your theme or membership; we let you make that choice. However, if you opt-in for the Personal subscription, this will automatically renew each month until you cancel. We recommend that you renew your theme’s license key(s) so that you can keep getting priority support and regular theme updates. If you purchased the Personal Lifetime option, you don’t have to renew.

Can I use Rough Pixels themes on

Only if you have signed up for their Business Plan, or above package, you can use our themes. I recommend you check with the WordPress website in case they made changes.

Can I use themes from Rough Pixels for my web design clients?

Yes, you can use our themes for your web design clients. For this reason, we recommend the All Access or Designer membership.

What happens if my license expires or if I cancel my theme or membership?

Lifetime Usage means that you can keep using the theme as long as you want. However, access to important theme updates and support will no longer be available.

Can I request a Refund?

Our goal is to make sure everyone is happy with our products and services, so we offer a full refund to all customers within 14 days of their original purchase date. All you need to do is contact us with your request and we will refund your purchase. Although there is no obligation, we would appreciate any feedback as to the reason for your refund so that we can make any corrections and adjustments as needed. If you encountered any problems, we would be happy to help solve the issue–otherwise, we can definitely provide a full refund within the 14-days from purchase.