Updating from Free to Premium – without losing settings

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Updating from Free to Premium – without losing settings

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    I saw the tutorial on upgrading to premium however unsure if that would wipe our my current configuration/settings.
    How would I go about upgrading an active site (seamlessly).



    One of the issues with WordPress is that when you activate a new theme, WordPress thinks it’s just a new theme, and therefore, many settings might not be inherited, even if the settings are the same.

    However, things like pages, posts, categories, menus, etc., will stay put.

    There are times though that a free version of a theme does get inherited with its settings. Free themes from Rough Pixels share the same settings as does the premium theme version. Basically, when we create a new theme, we build the premium first, then the free one is built off of that. This means that settings that are common between the two versions should be inherited.

    However, I like to tell people to always make a backup of your website first before updating plugins, themes, and especially WordPress. I would recommend making sure you have a backup plugin installed and then make a backup before you do anything.

    The other option is to make note of all your settings that you changed in the customizer for the theme before you install and activate the new theme (and/or version).

    Did you make a lot of theme setting changes?


    I took a chance and updated to premium (fingers crossed), thankfully it went well with just a couple of changes needed, no prob.
    That being said, thank you for designing such a robust, beautifully functional and simplisted design. Couldn’t have asked for more!

    Thanks also for the prompt reply.


    That is great to know, and you are very welcome! Also, I want to thank you for the comment about the theme 🙂

    The really important thing is that everything sounds like it worked out for you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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