Become a WordPress Theme Affiliate

Earn up to 40% with our amazing and growing portfolio of themes coupled with a competitive WordPress theme affiliate program. Payout rates start at 40% the potential to grow up to 50% makes promoting Rough Pixels a no-brainer! It’s simple to get started by clicking on the red button “Start Making Money Here!

How To Promote Us

  • Write about Rough Pixels in your blog.
  • Add our themes to your “Top Lists!”
  • Promote us with social media.
  • Place our banner or logo on your website.
  • Promote us to your email “subscribers”.

How Does the affiliate program Work?

Use your WordPress theme affiliate links to send your website visitors to Rough Pixels. If they purchase a theme or membership, you can earn up to 40% from each sale.

When does a user need to purchase after the referral?

When you refer someone to our website, they have up to 30 days to purchase a theme or membership. If they do this within 30 days after referral, you get the credit for the sale.

Do I need a PayPal account to get my payment?

At this time, yes, you will need a PayPal account. We are currently looking at alternate options to implement our WordPress affiliate payments.

How NOT to Promote Us

  • Don’t promote us on coupon or discount sites.
  • Don’t promote using false/misleading advertising.
  • Don’t change or alter our logos without permission.
  • Don’t use our link for your own or client purchases.
  • Don’t use hidden redirected links.

Is there a minimum payout?

You must have at least $75 USD in confirmed and cleared commissions in order to receive a payment.

When do I get paid?

Because we have a 30-day refund policy, payments will be sent out once the refund period has been completed. If the customer has not issued a refund request during this time, we will pay you within 30 days once cleared.

  • 1

    Sign Up

    First thing is to sign-up to be an affiliate so that we can review your application and get you approved. Then you can move on to step-2.

  • 2

    Start Promoting

    You can begin promoting Rough Pixels with banners, articles about our themes, have your web design clients purchase a theme, or even social marketing online.

  • 3

    Make Money!

    Now that you are signed up and started to promote Rough Pixels, you can now begin to make money from successful sales referrals you send.

How Much Can You Earn?

This is a common question when it comes to affiliate programs, but here is an example of what you can earn, simply by promoting our themes and memberships:

Single Theme Single Theme (Lifetime) All Access (2 Year)
Theme/Membership Price $49 $69 $129
Commission 50% 50% 50%
Commission You Get $24.50 $34.50 $64.50
Sales Per Day 2 2 2
Your Monthly Income $24.50 x 2 x 30 $34.50 x 2 x 30 $64.50 x 2 x 30
Total (Every Month) $1,470 $2,070 $3,870

As you can see, there is potential if you can refer 2 successful sales per day. Actually, even 1 sale per day can add up over the month.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you read the full AFFILIATE TERMS before signing up. If you are unsure you qualify or need more information about any of the affiliate terms and policy, please contact us.