Gutenberg WordPress themes

Gutenberg WordPress themes are our focus at Rough Pixels. We are a new site that is going to focus on WordPress theme development. This is a new website, but I am not new to WordPress or theme development. I actually have over 8 years of experience designing themes. I’ve had these sites before, but this one is going to be different.

Gutenberg WordPress Themes

You may have heard about a new editor that the team at WordPress has been working on for a very long time. It’s called “Gutenberg” and will replace the existing classic version. You can expect to find this new editor as part of the upcoming WordPress 5.0 that is just around the corner.

Gutenberg editor plugin

What Gutenberg has in relation to Rough Pixels is that I decided to make every theme fully support this new editor. Of course, if you still plan to use the current classic editor, they work with that as well. Incidentally, the classic editor will not be part of WordPress 5.0, so you will need to install the plugin for it.

The Goal of Rough Pixels

I mentioned that I’ve been designing themes for a long time and recently decided to get back into it. The goal of Rough Pixels is to continue designing awesome themes that are easy to use without bloated code. This has been a chronic issue with many premium themes from marketplaces, so I will focus on keeping it simple.

The plan is to design free themes and then offer a premium (pro) version for each one. I may start with the premium version as an actual theme, but going pro will transition to become a plugin.

Get Notified When New Themes (Free and Pro) Come Available

Do you see a newsletter subscription form at the bottom of the page? If you would like to stay up-to-date with new themes announcements, both free and premium, I recommend subscribing. I will even have special offers from time-to-time which you may want to take advantage of.

Explore Themes from Rough Pixels

Rough Pixels is new and although we are starting with 1 theme, this will lead the way for more themes to be added on a regular basis. Check out the WordPress Themes that are now available.

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