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Introducing Purified

What can be better than a theme designed to give you an opportunity to showcase your portfolio with clean minimalist styling? Or maybe you are simply a professional blogger (or even a personal blogger) that needs open space to write articles to provide valuable information to your readers! Purified keeps the aesthetics of your website looking crisp with a ton of options that allow absolute creativity and personalization!

screenshot for the custom Purified contact page settings

Custom Contact Page

One of several page templates offered is the custom contact page. Add any information you want, such as contact information, an introduction, and other details.

screenshot showing the Purified portfolio options and settings

Custom Portfolio Built-in

If you focus on photographic content, you get the option to set up a custom portfolio that offers several layout styles. You even get a special layout where you can add specifics on the project of your choice!

screenshot showing the sticky header and footer for Purified

Fixed/Sticky Elements

For anyone that likes their header area to stay put, you have the option to enabled a sticky header when scrolling a page. Likewise, we also included the option to keep your footer in a fixed position (or not). The choice is yours!

Purified Theme Features

While sharing a large part of the codebase and functionality
each of our WordPress themes has a sprinkle of uniqueness to set it apart.

Gutenberg Ready

Take advantage of the Block editor for greater flexibility. Create additional layouts.

Classic Editor Ready

If you still want to use the classic editor to create your content, this theme supports it.


This theme is compatible with ClassicPress if you decide to switch from WordPress.

9 Blog Layouts

Enjoy the option to choose the perfect blog layout from the theme customizer.

5 Post Layouts

In addition to blog layouts, you also get several full post layouts too!

Adjustable Banner Heights

Adjust the height of your banner post layout for the featured images, including responsive mobile viewing.

13 Widget Sidebars

You get built-in dynamic sidebars for your widgets and various layouts.

Page Intros

Add intros to your page headers using custom excerpts.

Thumbnail Creation

Enable the thumbnail option to automatically create predefined sizes.

Customizable Labels

Change your Read More, Featured labels, In-page headings, and more!

Unlimited Colours

Personalize your website with unlimited colours from the built-in customizer.

Custom Widgets

Enhance your website with custom widgets like Author, Latest Posts, and more!

Masonry Gallery

When using the WordPress gallery shortcode, you can enable a masonry layout for your gallery.

Sticky Header or Footer

Enabled by default, the footer area stays in place while scrolling the main content will show the footer.

Gallery Lightbox

We built in the popular Colorbox lightbox for your WordPress Shortcode Galleries.